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CTR: It’s All About The Couch (aka Sofa)

The most important piece of upholstered furniture in your LIVING room is the sofa. It is the seating foundation of the room and will influence all the other furniture you add to this space.


 Since  the most common activity in the LIVING room is “sitting “-this room really is all about the couch. So your selection needs to be made with the following considerations:


 What will be the style and size of my couch?

Here’s some common styles…









French Settee






Will your sofa be the focal point in this room or do you want it to be more subtle?

Blue sofa=focal point


White sofa=Subtle

(See how it blends in perfectly in this monochromatic room.)


Have you considered the color?

Couches that are neutral-beige, brown, black, gray blue and shades of white- are more versatile.  



A hint of color is great but avoid bold colors or wild patterns that you will tire of quickly. Also consider  how soon it will go out of style?


And as far as this sofa is concerned… 

 It has NO style!


Once you’ve decided on the style, size and color, here’s some very important tips for buying your sofa:


  • Make sure that it’s well stuffed. Check the edges for plenty of padding. You should never feel wood underneath.
  • Test for comfort: Check to make sure that it “fits” your body well. Check the seat depth, the arm height  and back angle.
  • Strong frame:  Sit in the sofa to make sure it feels sturdy. Check underneath to make sure that the bottom corners are reinforced with blocks which disperse the weight.
  • Flawless stitching: Look at the seams to make sure that they are straight and  smooth without lumps or puckering. If the sofa has a pattern to the fabric-does it line up?

Happy Shopping!


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