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CTR: “Fine” Dining…

When considering the decor of your DINING ROOM-there are so many options. The dining room has evolved into a multi-functional space which includes such activities as  enjoying meals to a gathering place for conversations. In some homes it’s reserved for special occasions-where in others it’s a part of the living room or opens to the kitchen.

 The Dining Room/Living Room Combo


When designing for this room remember that it’s about creating a space that  allows for flexibility. Dining rooms today aren’t nearly as formal as they were in the past. What’s important is that you can go from having a room with a brocade tablecloth and candlebras to one that allows  for bamboo placemats and pottery style dishes.

 Dining Room with both formal and casual decor elements


So where do you begin? Here’s a checklist of the ideas that you will want to gather for your design inspiration notebook. If you’ve already gathered your ideas then start by organizing and editing the ideas you’ve been collecting for this room.


Determine the ambience or feeling that you want for this room. Will it be a formal dining room, will it be light and airy or hip and urban?

 Hip and Urban


Then decide upon the color pallette for the room and decide how you will use it in the room. Will you put the color on the walls or in the fabrics your incorporate in this space?

How about a Dining Room with a purple and green color pallette?


What will you do for the flooring-will it be wood, stone or tile? Will it be carpeted ? Or will you have an area rug under the table?

 Shag style area rug.


Window treatments should provide you with nighttime privacy-any style will work. 

 Sheer drapes are great for privacy.


What kind of chandelier and lighting fixtures will you put into this room? This important feature will compliment the ambience of this room.

 The chandelier can also become the focal point in your Dining Room.


In regards to the furniture, at the very least you will need to have a dining table and chairs. If your space allows, you may want to add a side board, hutch or cabinet for storage.

 Here’s a great  furniture idea for seating: table, chair AND a bench.


Side boards don’t have to be boring-or even match the rest of the dining room furniture.


The accessories that you put into this room are the finishing touches that make the space come alive. Mirrors can enlarge a small space, centerpieces can add additional color and decorative serving pieces can add to the style and ambience of  your decor.

 Mirrors will make your space look larger.


Centerpieces can add elements of color.

  Decorative serving pieces or dishes add to the ambience.

 Remember that the “finest dining” will be in your very own home-so make it reflect you and your lifestyle.

Happy Dining!


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