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Latest ETSY Love – for la bathroom


Since The Bella Life is taking an in depth look at the Bathroom this week, I thought it would be appropriate to find something for la bathroom.  This Etsy “bathroom” search brought me to most amazing soap dishes on JustWork’sShop. Here is some beautiful information about this shop, which helps those who are deemed “unemployable” (i.e. homeless, physically disabled, mentally ill) find work experience and skill development.

“JustWork emerged from the life and ministry of Grandview Calvary Baptist Church in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. Pastoral staff of the congregation encouraged the development of JustWork as a way to offer assistance and hope to those in the faith community and the neighbourhood who were struggling to find work. JustWork officially began in February 2004 with a four-pronged strategy to assist those on the margins of our church and neighbourhood–offering employment counseling, a job-match program, support for those with dreams of starting a small business, and social enterprise development for individuals facing major hurdles to the workforce.” (for more information click here)

Take a look~~~~~~

Each Soap Dish Featured is Priced at $10.00

JustWork has dozens of beautiful pottery pieces, check them out.

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