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The Glamorous Girls’ Dressing Table

When I was a young pre-teen I wanted my very own dressing table or vanity. I envied all my friend who had one.
So for those of you-both young and old who still don’t have their very own vanity- here’s what it takes to put together a dressing table according to “The Girls’ Book of Glamour”.
Create your own personal oasis of calm in your bedroom (or bathroom) by organzing all of your beauty product. Find a table, shelf or windowsill for your items. Think of ways that you can make these items look nice. How about a special tray that you’ve covered with nice fabric? Whatever you choose to do, the same rules apply:

  • Keep your favorite items on “show”-everything else should be put away in pretty boxes, containers, decorated bins or cases.
  • A cutlery tray makes it easy to organize all of your supplies. Store it away and out of sight like in a drawer or under your bed.
  • Try to get a good size mirror-trying to use a compact mirror makes it impossible to look your best.
  • Make sure your dressing table is close to a good light source so that you can see what you are doing.
  • Decorate your table with a few pretty ornaments or accessories like shells, pretty bottle, flowers in a vase, etc.


 Happy Creating!



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