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CTR: Office Bookcase Decor Ideas

 Bookcases offer functional display space. Bookcases can serve as storage in a office or be part of an entire library. An entire wall of bookcases in a room may look cluttered and messy. Here are a few ideas to decorate them with flair and order, an endeavor that can be both rewarding and inexpensive.



Organizing books in a creative, artistic way can turn any room with bookshelves into a work of art. You can arrange your books by color to create a rainbow effect or pack some books horizontally and others vertically. If you like the look of an Old World library, remove the book jacket on hardcover books. If you want something more modern, you can have your books re-bound plain white craft paper. (Just make sure that the title is printed on the spine.)





If you don’t have a lot of books, you can also use bookcase space to hold artwork, found objects, framed photographs and vases with flowers. Add colorful vases, pottery, globes, antique clocks or frames between rows of books. Place large decorative plates behind a horizontal stack of books or top the stack with large seashells or paperweights. You can even hang botanical prints in front of the bookcase.





You have lots of design possibilities with the back piece of a bookcase. You can paint the back the same color as the walls for a decorative illusion or add lime green or bright pink paint for a more modern feel. Use funky wallpaper to liven up the space. Add paneling or wainscoting to create a country-home atmosphere



You can even use bookcases for extra storage space. Place large wicker baskets on the shelves to hide toys. Add doors on the bottom of the bookcase to hide electronics equipment or DVDs. Install sliding doors or panels to add hidden bookcases. Doors can also keep your books from getting dusty.


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