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CTR: The FRONT Porch


Front porch decorating is just as important as
decorating a room in your home. And now that it’s fall-there’s so many ideas to share.
This week “The Bella Life”  takes a look at the front porch. Here’s a few ideas of the things we’ll be focusing on this week.

What makes a great porch?


Determining your porch “style”


Accessorizing ideas for your porch


Seasonal porch decor ideas


And for the first time ever-see the Bella Girls Front Porches…

(including Camberley’s big front porch project reveal!)

So check in with us this week as we focus on making your front porch fabulous. Because- a beautifully decorated porch is your home’s “WELCOME” sign and reflections what’s happening on the inside.


 Happy Decorating!


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