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CTR: “Over the Top” Seasonal Decor for your porch

Seasonal front porch decor is a great way to express yourself throughout the year. Whether it’s a seasonal or holiday approach you will never run out of ideas to try. Here’s a few ideas that I’ve come across for the upcoming Halloween holiday and Fall season.


 Try stacking pumpkins at the front door in urns. Paint a Halloween design directly onto the pumpkins and cut out designs. Add lighting inside and you’ll have the best “jack-o-lanterns” in the neighborhood. To finish off the look mix white and orange pumpkins on the steps and this wreath at the front door…


I loved this idea for a simple front door wreath: Find black flowers at your favorite discount store. Attach to a foam wreath form. Hang it with some fabulous ribbon and you will be the envy of all your neighbors. To add that “over the top” touch I suggest that you apply spray glitter to the entire wreath. It will make it look instantly “fab”.


This is a great color palette for a “Halloween” themed porch: purple, black, orange and green. Add purple fabric or ribbon to a black garland. Adorn with Halloween ornaments-skeletons, bats, pumpkins- and orange twinkle lights. For an “over the top” look paint your pumpkins with metallic paints and add a design. And don’t forget the glitter spray!


Here’s another Halloween themed porch but his one will easily transition into the Fall season. Just take away the black crows and you are ready for Thanksgiving. For an “over the top” touch try adding the following idea using white pumpkins and metal upholstery nail heads.


Pick up a few white pumpkins,visit your local fabric and upholestry store to find a variety of different sizes and style of these nailheads and then get creative!


A traditional Fall porch combines cornstalks, pumpkins and mums in great pots. To make your porch the best in the neighborhood I would suggest that you add this “over the top” wreath to your front door…


This wreath-from Frontgate-combines some of my favorite florals: preserved greenry, artichokes, roses, berries and hydrangeas. Why not try making it yourself?


And finally, I loved the combination of colors used on this porch. The blue backdrop of the house really makes the orange colors of the leaves and pumpkins pop. And for that “over the top” element. I would add the following pumpkin urns…


  A simple way to make this arrangement: Find an urn that’s the right size for your porch. Measure the width of the opening and then find the appropriately sized pre-made wreath to place on top. Secure wreath to urn. Cut out the designs you want in the pumpkin and add lighting to the inside. (To be extra safe I suggest using a battery operated candle.) To finish assembling add floral foam to the inside of the urn to support the weight of the pumpkin and then place it in the center of the wreath. For an “over the top” touch be sure to add extra berries and twigs.

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  • October 25, 2010 - 5:34 pm

    Sarah Devaney-O'Neil - Great selection of inspiration photos. We are seriously lacking here in Halloween decor. I find myself missing it!

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