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Heading on Home


Well folks, my short Chicago trip is almost over.  I’m about to pack up my little “hotel office”, hop on an airport shuttle, and fly home.  I should be arriving in Phoenix around 10:00 pm (way past this girl’s bedtime {thinking about retiring to bed late gives me anxiety}). 

Reflecting on this trip, I ask myself: Do I have any “Corporate Woman” insights to share?

Here are the answers to life’s many questions~ ~ ~



  1. When in doubt…. order the salad.
  2. Even though you may not drink alcohol, it is “Political” Suicide to decline an evening out (in one dinner, you can make HUGE progress in your climb up the corporate ladder).  Go out. Order a Diet Coke or Shirley Temple (on the rocks). Get ready to act like you’re “the life of the party” (note to self: you’ll always be the life of the party when everyone around you is a few drinks in.  The more they drink, the better you become {beer goggles people… BEER GOGGLES).
  3.   Always dress to impress (you only get one 1st impression)
  4. Smile, smile, smile
  5. Do not interupt conversations. Wait.
  6. 90% of business is acting like you know what you’re talking about.  Eventually, you will know what you’re talking about.
  7. People judge you if you look too “young” (Unfortunately, I still look like I’m 18 years old {sigh}).  In order to compensate, you must:
    1. Be Extra Charismatic
    2. Research The Facts (people are impressed when you whip out numbers)
    3. Show them that Generation Y is Tech Savvy


I could keep going, but I have an airport shuttle to catch.


Cheers from Chi-Town,


  • December 18, 2009 - 11:16 am

    Keighley - love the post!!! You sound so cool. JEALOUS

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