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Order To My Office

   School starts again in 6 days.

I feel completely unprepared, unmotivated, and unorganized. My home office/personal HELLoooo is a total disaster. (Pictures of the wreakage to be posted shortly) So this week during my free time I vow to bring order to my office! I know that if I start my semester off with a clean study space, marked calendars, memo boards, and book-filled shelves things will go brilliantly.

Anyways… let me get to the point. I have been researching organizational items. I have come up with a wish list.

1) I really want a giant chalk board. Schoolroom status.

2) A giant calendar. Preferably one that can stay on my wall and be reused month after month.

3) A cork/pin board. The only problem is they are all CHEESY. Cheese. Cheese.

Fiddling around on ETSY I came across some marvelous PUSH PINS. Check out these babies!

(If I could only find a non-cheesey pin board… and a chalk board.)

PrettyOriginals Shop

PegsBoard Shop

CocoStitch Shop

EmarieCollection Shop

Bethne3 Shop

KatieLeroy Shop

Well Wish Me Luck


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