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Bring on the Design Dilemma!


I’m sure you all thought us Bella Girls forgot about our Design Dilemma candidate – Vanessa

Nope.  The Design Dilemma is still on! 

Now that the holidays and wedding are over, Vanessa and I decided to clear our calendars and get to work.  Yesterday was our first “official” DD Day. We spent the afternoon at the local hardware store looking at: paint, light fixtures, decorative trim, hardware.  Our goal was to find paint.  I was in Heaven.

By the end of our hardware store excursion, we had narrowed it down to 5 paint colors.  So, we purchased 5 sample cans of paint ($3 each = score!) and headed back to Vanessa’s house. 

Minutes after painting sample patches on the wall, we were able to select our top 3. 





What do you think?


{Yes, it’s perfectly normal to display paint on a white salad plate.}


The paints on the top and right have brown/mauve/purple hues, while the paint on the left has more tan/brown hues.

What’s your vote?

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