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So lately my life has been consumed by sickness. This cold and flu season for me and my kids have been awful. I have had two sinus infections since November, pink eye, sore throat/ flu symptons, etc. My children have had sinus infections, back to back double ear infections, pneumonia, pink eye, and I’m sure more. With all these coughs going on and 2 children under 4 I’ve had to figure out how to help them sleep at night with no medications since cold/flu cough medicines have been banned for kids under 4. If you haven’t discovered Vicks Vapor rub and humidifiers yet, you should. The best thing is that it is under $20 bucks at Walmart. There is also a medicated liquid you can add in your water. It smells so good and helps with the coughing.

One trick you should know (and I already looked this up on and it is “undetermined” as a hoax)
Put a big glob of vapor rub on your child’s feet, rub it in and put socks over them. Do this every night until the cough is gone. My kids have slept so well during these illness and I feel this has really helped.

Here’s to feeling better soon… Cough cough!

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