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Make Your Life A Little More Anthro… and a little more WARM!

I am freezing today. Seriously FREEZING.

I don’t understand…it is 65 degrees outside. So I am blaming my hypo-thyroid for my purple fingernails, numb toes, and chattering teeth. I started daydreaming about leg warmers so I “Googled” them. Found a few items on Sale and had to share.

So for all you Anthropologie NUTS needing some extra warmth, check these babies out.

These are only $4.95! I am afraid I will be purchasing these today.

Necessary? NO, but I am sooo cold.

  • February 23, 2010 - 1:01 pm

    Jamie - $4.95, that is practically for free at Anthro. I actually saw those on there today. I visit that site daily! Love it. I would buy them but I would never wear them. My upper body is the only part that gets cold. Weird, hu?

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