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Outta Control Remedy #2…


  This past weekend  it rained. My husband didn’t believe that it would actually happen so he planned a motorcycle ride  (with his brother) AND a house move (with me and his brother). I was hoping that the move would be postponed so that I could stay at home reading a book in front of “roaring” fire. Moving just doesn’t seem like a rainy day activity.

But we did it anyway. After several hours of sorting, packing, loading (oh,my aching back!) and complaining…we took a huge load off to storage. I drove away from the house dreading the unloading and organizing that awaited.

And then I saw this.

 This rainbow was the most intense rainbow that I have ever seen-it was blinding-and had every color.

And it was incredible!

  I took a picture of it through my car window because it was one of those light bulb moments-when I witnessed this powerful law of nature and I was reminded of an equally powerful phenomena.

Where there’s rain there’s always a rainbow…

And your ability to see it depends on where you’re at. 

Then and there I decided what my “Outta Control” remedy #2 was going to be:

  When I find myself  having one of those “blue funk”, “will I ever get through this” , “my life couldn’t get any worse” kinda day-I’m going to focus on the “rainbows”  instead of  just weathering (translated= getting angry, feeling frustrated, making myself crazy) the storms that blow through my life. And I’m going to…

  Focus on  My Life’s Rainbows-


(These “rainbows”  add so much  color to my life.)

 …and I will eat more cake!




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