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The OUTS of 2010

I came across an article titled ’7 trends we’d love to see go’.  These are some of the opinions of  high profile interior designers and what they consider OUTS!

1 Homes that look like taxidermy shops. Enough with the wall of antlers and animal skins all over the floor!

2 Flat-screen TVs mounted so high above the fireplace mantel, you get a neck cramp before the first commercial break.

3 Home makeover shows that set unrealistic expectations about decorating a space. There are usually scores of people working behind the scenes whom you never see on screen. Plus, we’re firm believers that good design takes time.

4 Shallow sink basins that result in water splashing everywhere.

5 Outfitting a room top to bottom with reproduction designer furniture. We’ve seen too many homes filled with so much Eames, Bertoia and Saarinen they look like soulless showrooms.

6 The phrase “man cave.”

7 Watch any house-hunting program on HGTV and, chances are, granite countertops are on the buyer’s wish list. But with so many options now available – including recycled paper and glass products – our wish for 2010 is for anyone embarking on a remodel to think beyond the ubiquitous granite and stainless steel combination.

I agree with ALL seven. Time to move on to bigger and better!



  • February 25, 2010 - 5:35 pm

    Jen Sherwood - Don’t even say granite it out!!! Otherwise we’ll be moving in with you guys.

  • February 25, 2010 - 9:24 pm

    keighley - LOL! granite will never be out girl! I like granite I just support mixing it up. SHERWOOD GRANITE 4 LIFE!!

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