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Are you going to eat that?!


Today. I found myself hiding in my cube at work.  I was afraid one of the Fashionistas would walk in and notice I was eating {gasp} white rice. 

Everytime I order Asian food with {gasp} white rice, my “Men” swoop in like vultures. Circling. Watching. Judging. Making sure my lips do not meet a measly grain of {gasp} white rice.  Heaven forbid!


November 2009 ~ ~ ~

Fashionista #1: {Eyes locked on my “white” rice} You know Brown Rice is better for you right?

Moi: Oh…. Yeah…. Pfffff….. I wasn’t going eat thaaaat. I accidentally ordered it.

Fashionistas: 1  |  White Rice: 0


February 2010 ~ ~ ~

Fashionista # 1: {Queue demeaning tone} You ordered that with white rice? 

Moi:Oh…. Um…. I forgot to order the low carb version.  I’m not going to eat that. (Where did I learn to lie like that?)

Fashionistas: 2  |  White Rice: 0


Today ~ ~ ~

I know brown rice is better for me but sometimes I need to get my white rice on.  Let’s be honest, white rice tastes better. 

Today, my white rice dreams came true.

Fashionistas: 2  |  White Rice: 1




P.S. “Dear Fashionista #1, where would my blog content be without you in my life”.

P.S.S. “Dear Fashionista #1, I find it ironic that you are such a ‘judge’ of white rice eaters when you’re the one who has a hard time saying ‘no’ to cake, cookies, chocolate, cheesecake…..”

  • March 25, 2010 - 6:12 pm

    Red Boots - Fashionista #1 wouldn’t last one day in my corprorate office. We would eat him/her, right after we finished our tater tots.

  • March 26, 2010 - 8:28 pm

    Camille - Maybe it’s whole wheat cake.

  • March 26, 2010 - 8:28 pm

    Camille - With agave nectar for sweetener.

  • March 28, 2010 - 12:55 pm

    Rosanna - I would (and as a matter of fact I often do) say: “Good thing you like brown rice because it’s a lot healthier… but I don’t, so I won’t eat it, not even under torture”.

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