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“Reclaim” Your Decor Style

Are you interested in “reclaiming” your decor look?
 Then you might consider adding something that’s been made with recycled wood-usually wood that’s been used previously. This is a great way to “re-use” wood that’s been taken from other sources like old  furniture, flooring or structures-like a barn- or from a tree that’s no longer living.
Using reclaimed wood for construction is a much cheaper option than new wood and is just as good as new wood-especially when you are using old woods like pine, mahogany and oak. The biggest advantages of items made with reclaimed wood are that it is an environment friendly option and takes the least economic toll.





Here’s are some of the areas in your home that you could add some reclaimed items. 


Home Decor

Decorative items made from recycled or reclaimed wood are unique and make them statement pieces. Most times, when you use these types of items in your accessorizing, people will tend to notice them first off.


 I love this clock made from old barrel wood.
I’ve never seen a towel rack made from an old tree-it’s a great statement piece. And goes well with the tree wall paper.
With reclaiming wooden floorings,  get floors that not only look gorgeous but are environment friendly. Using this type of wood lowers landfill wastes and save the living trees and makes a beautiful floor.

 Love the reclaimed beams and the table top that’s recycled too!



Another great way to recycle is to repaint old metal chairs a bright color.





The possibilities are limitless when it comes to making furniture from recycled wood. You can use it for just about anything. And many times it’s more economical than buying the furniture new.


 How about using this type of wood to make your entire bed?



I love this coffee table made from pieces of reclaimed wood. And I bet those stools and letters are vintage. What a great pairing.



Here’s a great idea for furniture-using metal for the base of the table. And how clever to use a tree stump for some of the seating.



Reclaimed wood is the perfect wood for a rustic feel. You can even pair the rustic look of reclaimed wood with a variety of different decor styles-from vintage to contemporary. Use for wood tables, chairs and cupboard-this recyled look will simply fit in perfectly.


 This is one of my favorite ideas-I love the industrial items that have been paired with the reclaimed cabinetry.



 And who would think to use old wooden crates for your kitchen cabinets? They look great with the stainless steele stove.



Put a large chunk of reclaimed wood on top of a limestone base and you’ve got a table that people will never forget.



 And how about forgoing wallpaper and using reclaimed wood paneling.


So in honor of earth week-I suggest that we all do our part and recycle. That means I’m going shopping and “reclaiming”  my decor look. 


Happy Decorating!


Images: Elle Decor, House Beautiful,  Hudson Goods,

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