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Happy Birthday Trey Boy


Someone turns four today, Trey. In tribute to this blessed event, I thought I would share some fun videos and photos of this little guy.

Here is a video of him, from right before his second birthday:









Trey (speaking to Katelyn during a wiffle ball game at Grandpa’s last week):

Katelyn, girls don’t play baseball.  Girls play softball…. that’s how a team works.


Trey was planting flowers in his Aunt Cammi’s garden. This was a small conversation they had.

Trey: Cammie, do you have a Wiener?

Cammie: No, Trey, I don’t.
Trey: Oh, You just have a bottom then?
Trey: Mom, I’m 3 now.
Me: Yes, I know, you are so big.
Trey: Yep, so I don’t need to eat my lunch. I’m already big enough.
Happy Birthday Little Trey Boy.  We Love You!
  • April 28, 2010 - 8:02 am

    Jamie - What a fun tribute. Trey loved it. He watched the video a few times. He then told me he wanted to watch the video of him and Dragon Heart. :)

  • April 28, 2010 - 9:47 am

    Keighley - i love TREY! I love being an aunt.

  • April 28, 2010 - 12:22 pm

    kiersten - ooooh tell the little guy happy birthday from me!! That’s if he even remembers who I am :( Wish I could be there to celebrate!

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