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Grady: The Happy Birthday Boy

It’s Birthday time again!

 And this time it’s Mr.Grady who’s turning another year older. It’s hard to believe that this little guy is 2. Seems like yesterday he looked like this:


 (With his Mom and my wonderful “DIL” Jamie- I love and adore her.)


 (It’s hard to believe that he was ever this small.)


And before you know it they are all grown up…



( Unfortunately Grady’s not quite figured out that you have to take the pants off before getting on-but at least he’s trying.)



(You’ve got to love the fact that his face always has something sticking to it-sand, food, runny nose residue {sorry Keighley but I had to mention this}.


(One thing about Grady…he’s a quick learner. Here he is learning about the fine art of greed at the annual Easter egg hunt. By the look on his face- I think he’s mastered it.)



(And here’s Grady all cleaned and looking like quite the ladies’ man-at Aunt Kiersten’s wedding. Even his lips look like they are ready for kissing.)


Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man!

Grandma Debs

P.S. I love you…


Images: Poulsen Family Blog, Sloan Photography

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