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Product I’d Love To Try: Wooden Toothbrushes






They look a little dangerous…. and I like it.

xoxo Keighley xoxo

  • November 10, 2010 - 10:20 am

    Ethan - Keighley, could you please tell me where you got the photos of these Naturborsten toothbrushes? I would like to buy a few.

  • November 11, 2010 - 4:27 pm

    Keighley - Ethan, I could have sworn I found Naturborsten toothbrushes on Amazon however they are no longer sold there.

    The only place I can find them now is; a UK company.

    They do ship overseas however I;m not sure on pricing. I’m going to continue researching this.



  • November 11, 2010 - 4:32 pm

    keighley - It was on amazon! Phew… I was freaking out.

    I found it now on but they are currently unavailable. Bummer.

    Anyway, keep checking and

  • November 5, 2012 - 11:24 pm

    sarah - I’ve been on a hunt for plastic free tooth brush for our 15 month old as well as Ma and Pa! I found a place in Vancouver, BC….I’ll hunt for the website. Also a short time ago I found a place in Australia that sold them in bulk….shipping was a bit….but was the cheapest in the end. With research….they are not allowed to be sold in the US…because the owner/maker of them doesn’t want to certify them through the FDA.

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