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UPDATE: Other names we are considering




Looks like are fans have mixed emotions about the name – CHASING SERENDIPITY.  50% of you like it, 50% of you hate it.  Therefore, we’ve decided to let you see a list of our top names.  All of these names fit with our blog branding {Branding = Inspiring, Unique, Entertaining, Relevant, Chic}. 

  • FAB NEST GIRLS (This name incorporates all of the words Keighley hates.  Entertaining? Yes.  Unique? Yes.  Inspiring?  Maybe.)
  • SUM GIRLS (A play on the term “Some Girls”  since there are several of us.)
  • CHASING SERENDIPITY (Interesting concept.  You can’t really chase serendipity.  It just… happens.)
  • GRUMPY LOVE(For those pessimist out there)
  • LAUGHTER & LAUNDRY (One thing you love about life, one thing you hate. Is this term overused?)
  • 355 N. FANCY HOUSE ROAD (Love the address concept! Not sure if this will be the exact address if we go with it.)
  • SWEETLY DIPPED IN GOLD (Everything is better in gold.  Fun and whimsical.)
  • SERENDIPITY DO (Another play on the word “Serendipity”.  This word has so much meaning behind it.  Google it.)


 Please leave a comment or vote.  We want to hear from our readers.  You know us (and our content) better than anyone….


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  • June 17, 2010 - 11:47 am

    vanessa - This is a tough one. I am torn between 3 of the names!

  • June 17, 2010 - 12:07 pm

    camberley - Select all three on the poll. You may have to enter them individually.

  • June 17, 2010 - 12:23 pm

    Trevor D - I vote Serendipity Do Da

  • June 22, 2010 - 12:07 pm

    Audree - In Chicago, it’s vote early and vote often. Is that true on The Bella Life?

  • June 24, 2010 - 11:25 am

    Rosanna - Sweetly Dipped in Gold sounds like it’s the only one that fits right in with the vision you have of your brand m(Inspiring, Unique, Entertaining, Relevant, Chic).

    All the names with either “girls” or “serendipity” sound either too mainstream and not unique (“girls”) or just blah and boring (“serendipity”). At the same time, Grumpy Love and Laughter & Laundry sound… well, pre-menstrual (not sure you want your brand to sound like a moody woman willing to attack you as soon as you cross her!).

    The only remaining name is 355 N. Fancy House Rd which sounds like… ahem… Martha Stewart (so maybe chic, but “regular” chic, and for sure not unique).

    Sweetly Dipped in Gold is the only one that sounds chic, lush, but at the same time fun and inspiring.

  • June 24, 2010 - 11:35 am

    camberley - Hi Rosanna-

    Thanks for your comment. You made some very valid points. I appreciate the constructive feedback. ;-)


  • June 24, 2010 - 11:36 am

    camberley - Audree,

    Your comment made me laugh. Too funny!

  • June 24, 2010 - 4:20 pm

    Lola - Hello, I am a new follower of your blog & found it instantly addicting :)
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I also voted for Sweetly Dipped in Gold a couple days ago and I agree with Rosanna’s points. When I voted I kind of imagined each name as the name of a boutique and which one would draw me in the most and it was easily Sweetly Dipped in Gold. I think it sounds the most lux and sophisticated, love it!

  • June 24, 2010 - 4:26 pm

    KeighleyAKAhousewife - Rosanna- Girl you just won me over! Your thoughts were wonderful and us Bella Girls really appreciate it. We had a meeting today and talked about your comments. Thank you for your awesome feedback. Keep in touch.

    xoxo Keighley xoxo

  • June 24, 2010 - 9:51 pm

    Alexa - Dito Rosanna! Couldn’t have said it better! I also voted for that!

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