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Maid of Honour…. check


So if you haven’t already heard, my BFF Carrie (as in Carrie Underwood) got married a couple weeks ago. Obviously… I was the maid of honor and the wedding was a SMASH! So glad she is married because seriously girl needed a man. Anyways, I haven’t uploaded all my photos from the Wedd-ing so I will just have to make do with the ones on the Internet.

Dress was Monique Lhuillier and quite frankly not my favorite. Don’t tell Care I said that. Also from the picture you can tell pink was the theme and she had tree trunks holding up the gazebo. Personally I think they didn’t quite pull of the elegant and rustic look.



This was her party dress which was also designed by Monique. Better… but still not the best. Also not to sound rude but girl could have rocked a better hairstyle. Ugh I sound mean.




Get the most recent People to see more. Who knows if I will be allowed to post my personal pictures.


Now that I have bashed my best friend, I would like to state she looked gorgeous and she married a total Catch. (A catch with a big pocket book to boot.)


xoxo keighley xoxo

  • July 23, 2010 - 9:52 am

    Jamie - Um, Rude! I loved everything about the wedding even her big hair.. LOVED IT. Even if I didn’t LOVE her dress, I wouldn’t have said it out loud. I’m just saying, since you are all BFF’s and all! PS. That second picture taken from your phone was no good. You should’ve brought a better camera to the bash. Do I sound jealous? Cause I am!
    Love ya.

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