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To William~ Love Hazel


Today we spent some time in a used bookstore.  Without a doubt this is one of my favorite things to do. When I am in a bookstore time ceases to exist. I especially love used bookstores because of their unique prints, incredible selections, and the little notes written by loved ones in the front of almost every book. Today I opened a book about American Explorers and was touched by a beautiful note written by a woman named Hazel to a man named William… the print was dated in the 1880′s.  Looking at the faded cursive I couldn’t help but imagine Hazel searching for the perfect book to give her William and then sitting down to write a note in which she describes her love and adoration. Anyways, I would have bought the book for the note alone, however the price tag was serious!

Today Purchases Include:

 Camberley bought a book of poems. Some poems are outrageously sad, others hopeful, and a few seductive… Just be glad you weren’t here to hear Kiersten read a poem about a woman giving birth while the father sits by watching and waiting. It was disturbing hearing a poem about childbirth with sexual undertones. Ugh. Debbie bought a few books for our upcoming book club. Topics ranging from psychics, wives, and who-knows-what! Keighley (moi) walked away with Utopia(Sir Thomas More printed 1934) , a history on Rome&Romans (printed 1935) and another edition of Gone With The Wind (1936). I collect old editions of GWTW! I only have 3 right now but can’t wait to keep adding to it. Can I consider 3 a collection?

{not like you really care but there is a Gone With The Wind in a favorite bookstore of mine in AZ which has a second print for $200! I want it soo bad. It is gorgeous. Soon… real soon!}

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FxCam_1280456820568.jpg by The Bella Life.

(Camberleys poems)


Well after spending an amazing afternoon looking at old books the following picture sums up my feelings perfectly.






  • September 7, 2010 - 3:57 pm

    Story Books | The Bella Life - [...] Whilst lollygagging in a Denver thrift store today I came upon these beauts. I had a mother with her little child eyeballing me and these books, so I gave her my best Kiersten glare I’ve got. Back off woman! These are mine! She was brewing up some way to steal them from my cart to put in her nursery. I just know it.  Anywayz, they remind me of the books Ky and Cam found during our california book store adventure. [...]

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