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Do you ever watch Kathy Lee Gifford & Hodda on the 11 am Today Show? I love this show! If I am near a TV at 11 I am definitely glued to the screen. I think the dynamics are outrageously funny. Anyways, they often highlight inexpensive beauty products and without fail I end up googling them a couple days later. As I was browsing the Internet looking for ‘skin products’ I came across a few items that got amazing reviews. Thought I’d share what I’ve found because heavens knows an acne survivor likes to talk SKIN with other people.

Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum was the highest rated skin product I found online anywhere! Costing around $20, customers all say the same thing…

“Words can’t describe what this serum has done for me, it is by far and easily the best product I have ever used! With a claim to fix wrinkles, problem areas and even out skin tone in a month, I’ll admit I was skeptical. But after using it for the three months now, I will never go back to any other product as long as I live!”

Get rid of a blemish FAST with Zeno $39.99! I can testify that these little things work due to buying my very own Zeno 5 years ago (when they were triple the price).

“What a FABULOUS little zit zapper! I used it this morning before work, then once more on my lunch hour. I really did not need to use it the second time because the pimple that appeared when I woke up this morning was hardly visible”

This organic mask by BOTANICS is $8.99 and can be found at Target. One customer ┬áraved that “You can literally see all of the gunk, oil, etc. rising out of your pores.”

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