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Video Update


Hey folks! First and foremost, we would like to apologize for not posting any of our ridiculously entertaining and high quality videos lately (lest we forget how cool Cami’s pirate costume on the beach was). However, our little flip-clip of a video camera is slowly becoming “the little engine who could”… but unfortunately he just can’t. That was a stretch. Let’s just say he went kaput.

Where am I going with this? Well we are currently in the process of upgrading some of our materials. In the mean time we are coming up with some awesome ideas for our future video content. I mean awesome. I am very excited.


…BUT (yes there’s a but) we need your help. Do you have an inspiring story from your own personal life? We want to hear from you. We really really do. We also have a few people in mind, so we may reach out and invite you ourselves. This may or may not include a video interview. However, if you feel uncomfortable then we can highlight your story in words.

This is your invitation to INSPIRE US! Please email us at


XOXO the girls.



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