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Green Paint, Green Paint, Green Paint


There has been some major drama over here at the Woods’ household.  First, we are stuck in Zelda (curse Snow Mountain!).  Second, Dallan and I are in a heated debate about whether it would be “better to live next door to a mortuary or next to a cemetery” again (Yes, we’ve already been down this path once.  Dallan says mortuary.  I say cemetery.  Not that we have any plans to move…).   Third, I can’t decide on the perfect green paint color for our guest room. 

You see, I thought I wanted to go with a “Seafoam” color.  However, now that I’ve been looking at “Seafoam” paint, it all looks too blue.  Who knew Seafoam leaned more towards blue?  So, I’m back to square one.  I guess the color I am really going for, is an antique-ish green.  Does this make any sense?  Here are the colors I currently have up on the wall in my guest room.  I don’t really like any of them. 


Guestroom Green Paint


Of the four paint colors I currently have up on my wall, these two greens are closer to what I’m looking for.  However, the green on top may be a little too “vibrant” and the one on the bottom right may be a little too “dark”.  So, I’ve decided to find a color that is more in the middle.  What do you think of this paint sample?  I also thought about mixing these two colors together.  I still have a ton of leftover paint.


Guest Room Green Paint


Can’t envision it?  Well, here are some of my random knick knacks that will probably go in this room.


Guest Room Knick Knacks


1. Milk Glass Lamps: They still need lamp shades.  I’ll probably go with something simple (i.e. nothing frilly).

2. Woman Praying Painting: (I need to clean off the rest of price tag). Not sure if I’ll put this in my guest room or office.  However, I love the color of her blouse.

3. Coventary Ware Bookends of Child Reading: I found two of these at the thrift store and had to have them.  They are from the World War II era so I won’t repaint them.  I’m thinking about modernizing them with shadow boxes. 

4. Bronze Metal Owl: I’m kind of sick of the trendy Owl craze.  Yet, this little antique owl made me smile. (I may put him on a shelf).

5. Knit Afghan: I found this at a thrift store last year and instantly fell in love with all of the bright colors.  This will probably go on the foot of the bed.

6. More paint samples: The one on top is my favorite.

7. Bronze Metal Rocking Horse: Another one of those thrift finds that I talked myself in to buying.  I thought “better to have it and sell it, than regret not having it at all”.


Kind of random, huh?  I guess, I find little bits of inspiration in every one of these knick knacks.  What do you find inspiration in?



  • September 14, 2010 - 10:16 am

    Audrey Cooper - I love the top paint color. I love mixing modern and vintage and this color is a great modern accent.

  • September 14, 2010 - 10:25 am

    camberley - Hey Audrey,

    That’s one of the reasons I chose that paint sample. I loved how modern it was (and I thought it would look great with my vintage/antique decor theme). I may just end up painting the room that color because I keep going back to it. Thanks for the vote of confidence.


  • August 14, 2012 - 12:54 pm

    tianna - I really like those paint colors. Could you provide me with their names and brands?

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