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Shopping on Etsy: Halloween

Halloween decor is officially EVERYWHERE! This weekend while Onion and I went to every antique store and thrift store in the valley looking for bow ties (long story) I made my first Halloween decor purchase. It was dirty, crammed with real life cobwebs, and got me a lot of stares. As I was checking out the cashier look at it with disdain and said, “well that’s interesting…” to which Onion replied, “yeah, she wants it for some reason.” Then they both gave each other this look like they were totally on the same page but were both going to do me a favor by letting me get it. They were humoring me I suppose.

Side note: Seriously one of the worst things about my husband is the fact he automatically becomes best friends with every random on the street and then somehow gets them to gang up on me! It happens all the time.

Anyways, Halloween is everywhere and I  found the following items being highlighted on the front page of Etsy today.

msvendettamillinery etsy shop

PinkCherryMama Etsy Shop

TheBobbinsNest Etsy Shop

OpticWaste Etsy Shop

Also, I am contemplating just posting my purchase before I start on it’s makeover. Will that make the reveal less dramatic? Ah, what to do… what to do.

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