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Dear Jamie,

I came across these costumes in The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook and laughed out loud. I vividly remember Kiersten and I coming up with this concept when Grady said he wanted to be a “Dragon Heart” for Halloween. Seeing that Trey was quickly going to say the same thing, we did what all good aunts would do… we changed the subject. A discussion of Medieval Knights,  swords, battles, and dragon slayings ensued.  Anyways, I saw these costumes and had to share because 1) You can make them out of household odds and ends and 2) they are genius.

I present Martha Stewarts Knight & Dragon…

This creation is courtesy of the baking aisle! The breastplate and the dragon’s scales are candy cups; the leg and arm armor is cut from aluminum pans; a folded pie tin is the hilt of the foil-clad broadsword.

~ Now for Grady’s dragon costume we would definitely have to age it up a bit however the concept is there. Wouldn’t mittens with claws, and fake flames (either a hand-held sign, or mini fan blowing strips of fabric) be so great?!

Tools and Materials
2 packs foil candy cups
1 box brass paper fasteners
1 foil roasting pan
3 foil pie pans
1 roll aluminum foil
12 kitchen sponges

Breastplate How-To
You’ll need 100 silver foil candy cups; flatten and halve each. Lay a 2-foot piece of 1/2-inch-wide double-fold bias tape in a U shape.

  • Using craft glue, attach a row of half circles inside fold, leaving room for ties. Using transparent tape, add on rows of foil cups until desired size is reached.
  • Wear over gray sweatshirt, if desired.

Headband How-To

  • Glue together overlapping foil half circles; stud with brass paper fasteners.
  • Cover fastener prongs on inside with cloth tape for comfort.
  • Make a duct-tape belt (sticky sides facing) to cinch sweatshirt.

Armor How-To

  • Shape pieces from foil pans. Turn edges in; staple ribbon to corners to tie. Use mini pie pans for knees.

Dragon Spikes and Tail How-To

  • Using craft glue, line the middle of the back of a sleeper and a matching hat with gold-colored candy cups cut in quarters.
  • Cut tail shape from cardboard; insert into a leg cut from a pair of red tights. Stuff with batting; stitch closed.
  • Sew wide end to sleeper. Hot-glue more gold cups to tail. Cut sponges into wave shapes; hot-glue along spine.

Cheers to homemade Halloween Costumes

xoxo keighley

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