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Let the Genetic Games Begin

In the past week I have done more -cough “craft”cough- projects than all previous 24 years combined.  I am Debbie Poulsen’s daughter and I have NEVER done so many holiday projects EVER!!! Do you understand the significance of that?

I was raised with closets (please note that I said closets not closet)  full of ribbon, garland, glue guns, teracotta pots, paint, charcoal, poster boards, sewing machines, etc. etc. etc.  I could go into multiple areas of my house and open a door and have a mini Hobby Lobby store at my fingertips! Sadly, my entire life I’ve boasted about my mothers abilities while I rarely participated in -cough”crafts” cough-. I really hate the word “craft”.

I remember all of the times I would get Debs to do a project or wrap a gift for me and the entire time she would be gluing, folding, and taping she would say, “You are my daughter… why am I doing this for you?! You have the ability to do this.”  I think she thinks her gift to create and perfect anything is genetic. HA. Anyways, my sisters and I have always shied away from most things involving major creativity due to our mothers talents. (The exception maybe being Ashley) How do you live up to it? The minute I start anything I immediately ask Debs for her opinion or beg her to step in.  It’s intimidating and nerve-racking. Well, times are a changing and I am forcing myself to test genetics. By January 1, 2011 I will know without a doubt if Debbie’s crafty genes are indeed GENES. Now before you ask yourself, ‘why do you need until January 1st’ remember this… it takes time to create and hone one’s skills. Do you honestly think Martha Stewart was born knowing how to fold the perfect towel or set a table? No.

So here are a few FREAK peeks of random whoopla I’ve been doing.

(Sidebar: The first two pictures are not my attempts of trying to be Debs. I don’t think Debs would ever spray paint anything and call it creative)




OK this only required spray paint so don’t judge. We just wanted to give you options of what you can do with a Dollar Store skeleton bowl.


The picture is a little pathetic, but the silver seriously pops in person. The silver would be perfect for a more modern and clean Halloween display.





I am going to be honest and admit this is completely FUGS however….. there is possible potential. The coloring and strips are all wrong, but with some major tweaks it could be a very fun piece. (P.s. We have hundreds of spray paint cans at our disposal so don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. Sorry.)


Or this would be the perfect Skull Bowl for a bachelor pad. I had to show you.







Ok now this is something I may be proud of when it is done.


Here is a preview of my Halloween Garland. I’m not a total slush so you’re going to have to wait for the grand reveal on October 1st. (Plus, I have yet to Glitter the H3*& out of it.)



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