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Confessions of a BR worker

So I have been working at the BR…. Banana Republic. The other day I was completely broken down, torn apart, stomped on, spit on and then put in the dog’s food bowl. So I exaggerate, but the girl training me made it clear as glass that I was not fitting the part.

So the night prior we had to stay after hours to unbox the new shipments and rearrange the floor. Everyone has to do it once a month. We were there pretty late in night and I didn’t get some shut eye until three. Then I had to go in the next morning.

I woke up feeling like a Semi ran over me in my sleep because A. I didn’t get to wash my face due to lack of strength after ripping apart plastic wrapping and hanging up clothes beyond clothes B. my hair was greasy and C. my mind was foggy. Honest to goodness people, I woke up screaming at the mirror.

Due to foggy mind syndrome I was unable to put myself together and I left for work looking like a nun meets school girl. I confess, I looked TERRIBLE!!!

Throughout the day, I had my trainer making comments like “see, this is something a BR worker would wear (proceeding to point to clothing {no kidding? I had no idea a BR worker would wear something in their own store!?})” and “you should really look at the sale stuff. I bet you could use some new clothes?” and “Some items a BR worker would wear are yada yada yada… oh no, you look fine though…” That’s when my stomach jumped into my throat. Those sympathy lines are the worst!!!!

Then it happened. My trainer ran around throwing gobs of items over her shoulder for me to try on. I felt like Brittany Murphy in the movie Clueless. Helpless and chosen to be made-over. Especially when she dragged me around to other workers to “show them”… Really?…

The most glorious part was probably when I was leaving for the day- already feeling like an ugly bag of bones- and my trainer hands me a business card. A business card for her hair stylist.

I confess! I know I wasn’t looking up to par, but BR you did it to yourself when you asked me to work the graveyard shift and then dragged me in the next day.


P.S.- During the unpacking of our new shipment I noticed heaps of corduroy. Love it or hate it???

Oh school, where are you? You never minded my outfit choice. I miss your guts!


  • September 29, 2010 - 7:39 pm

    Alexa - No offense- but I dont think corduroy could (or should) make a come back. Just sayin. But Kierst, you could pull off anything and look H.O.T.

  • September 29, 2010 - 9:05 pm

    keighley - I’m not completely turned off by corduroy however I have never seen pants or a jacket that I consider flattering. We will see what fall fashion has to answer.

  • September 30, 2010 - 12:20 am

    Kiersten - Whoa whoa whoa people who said I like it?? I HATE it And when I tried it on I about died!!! Reminds me of abercrombie

  • September 30, 2010 - 7:59 am

    camberley - Dallan has some cute corduroy pants that we bought at H&M last year. I’m not a hater.

  • September 30, 2010 - 10:04 am

    Keighley - I love men in corduroy!

  • September 30, 2010 - 2:59 pm

    Kiersten - Here’s the deal…. I don’t mind corduroy on guys but it has to be pants only. No jacket. Other than that, I just don’t think most women can pull it off unless you have long stick legs. Rare, very very rare.

  • September 30, 2010 - 4:27 pm

    Liese - I hate corduroys. And Banana Republic I love… however I have never heard of them being so mean! So sorry!

  • September 30, 2010 - 4:32 pm

    camberley - Your right. Dallan has the ability to pull it off because he’s got long stick legs and his corduroy pants are a lean/skinnier fit. Hawt Dawg!


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