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Repurpose 2.0

Here are a few more repurposing ideas from Real Simple. Thought I would share.

1.) Screw off the lids of extra salt & pepper shakers or jam jars and use as flower vases for a night table, guest-bathroom sink or table displays.

2.) Use that lonely abandoned earring sitting in your jewelry box as a thumbtack on a bulletin board. You will love the extra color and sparkle.

3.) Cupcake foils make the perfect votives for an impromptu party. Not only is it cheap, but cleanup is a breeze.

4.) After sanitizing the soup can you ate last night, use strips of wallpaper to make chic and personalized pencil-cups!

5.) Use a plate rack for storing cutting boards, cookie sheets, and jelly-roll pans in your cupboards. No more clanking and crashing.

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