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Dollar Tree

Debs is back from Italy!

To celebrate her safe arrival we did what all REALLY cool people do…. we went to the Dollar Tree!

We needed to grab those mini-carts,  walk aimlessly through the aisles, sip on Diet Cokes and catch up on the family gossip. ( we concluded there is no real gossip… we are pretty drama free over here. bummer!)

After 30 minutes we approached the checkout counter with carts full of treasures. I swear the Dollar Tree is getting better and better stuff.

We left with smiles on our faces and ideas brewing in our little heads.

My holiday purchases

Purchase breakdown

1.) Trick or Treat Sign

Made of foam and would be great in a Halloween wreath! If you are wanting to refrain from doing any crafting it would look adorable hanging from a door!

2.) Tombstones

Made of a resin or plaster and are quite heavy. We plan on sprucing them up a bit with some glitter and stain. Would look great on bookshelves or tucked in a Halloween display.

3.) Gauze Fabric

Use as a runner!

4.)  Glitter Skeleton Heads

These are amazing… we bought out the entire store. They are made of a foam and are glitter-fied to the max! Put them in a bowl, place on a shelf, or make an arrangement with them. The possibilities are endless.

5.) Skeleton Garland

We like to cut the garland into pieces and use the skeleton men as tags on gifts. Add glitter and ribbon to really make them pop! You can also use it for what it’s intended.

6.) Ceramic & Plastic Pumpkins

I am going to use these in my fall decor. Thinking of changing the colors up a bit.

7.) Skeleton Platter

This is under the sparkly skulls. I bought it because it was cute and super-sized. I may be giving it away as a gift with some delicious treats ( perfectly displayed of course!)

If you have not been to the Dollar Tree I urge you to go! You will never feel guilty about holiday decorating EVER again.

Think of ways you can tweak the product to make them appear more expensive.


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