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When I first broke away from corporate America and started my own Marketing company, I had dreams of marketing consulting (social media marketing consulting).  In the marketing world, you can make a good chunk of change as a marketing consultant. 

What does a marketing consultant do you ask?  Marketing consultants attend “important” company meetings where they listen to their customers’ needs and offer up advice.  Advice which is sometimes written down into one of those marketing proposal things. 

Essentially, people pay for your time and your advice.  People paying money for MY advice?  Where do I sign up?  Mama loves to hear herself talk.


Reality check.


Before I can be a full time marketing consultant, I need a client base that is interested in MY advice. Until that happens (which it will), I still need to bring in a little thing called money.  Some one’s got to support my Dollar Tree and Thrift Store habits.  Therefore, I’ve been taking any marketing work I can get (any work = grunt work).  Here is some of said grunt work that I’ve been doing over the last couple of months


  • Marketing Research- What are company’s customers saying online, where are they online, et cetera.
  • Social Networking- commenting on blogs, updating companies facebook/twitter/youtube accounts.
  • Writing Blog Posts – that’s right folks, I write blogs for people and I make money.
  • Building Websites – someday I will be able to do this with my eyes closed.  someday.
  • Pulling Together Monthly Performance Reports – what happened online this month? Did we increase website traffic?  Did we gain followers?  That sort of thing.
  • Online Advertising – Yep. I run some of those annoying online advertisements you see online.


and, as of this week, I am now…. drum-roll….


  • Directing Commercials and Writing Script


Now before you start purchasing berets and directors chairs for me, let me set the stage (pardon the pun).  I am not helping with some high budget commercial – that will garner recognition in the marketing world.  Nope.  This little lady is helping with what you call a low budget commercial.  Now, this isn’t just any low budget commercial.  This is one of those low budget November elections commercials.  A “Get out and VOTE” sort of deal.   

So for those of you watching daytime television in Phoenix – watch out!  You’re in for a real treat.

Here is the commercial I was given as an example to follow. (THIS IS NOT THE COMMERCIAL I’M HELPING WITH)




Now, I need to get working on the script.

“Rusty Pipes.  Roof Leaks.  Air Conditioning Problems…”





  • September 30, 2010 - 10:03 am

    Keighley - hahahhahahahaha this is the best! Can I help you brainstorm?! That youtube clip was priceless and I can’t wait to brag about your commercial to other people.

    You rock

  • October 1, 2010 - 6:07 am

    Red Boots - Just make sure you encourage the RIGHT people to get out and vote, okaaaaay? :)

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