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Florian Pucher Land Rugs

A couple weeks ago Camberley wrote an AMAZING post on decorating playrooms. I don’t have any children however I was completely inspired by this post. Decorating for children is often misunderstood. I constantly see people painting kid/toy rooms obnoxiously bright colors and incorporating funky furniture and clearly from Camberley’s article (and many other studies) this is not SMART. ¬†Children’s emotions and creativity can be affected by color, texture, lighting, clutter, disorder, etc. etc.

I could talk about this subject forever. I believe learning and creativity are so important and parents need to research, Research, RESEARCH. Anyways, off my soapbox.

I was on one of my favorite blogs today and saw a post about Florian Pucher, an Austrian artist/designer. He designs ‘Land Rugs’ and I think they are pretty genius. In 2009 these ‘Land Rugs’ won the Elle Decoration International Design Award for best floor covering. To put it simply, the rugs are ariel views of countrysides in America, Africa, Europe and the Netherlands.

These rugs would be AWESOME in a playroom.


  • October 1, 2010 - 2:43 pm

    Kiersten - I need one of those rugs. I can just see it now sitting in my childrens imagination room. Such a cool find ky!

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