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Good Girls Gone Spooky


What happened to these once classy, chic, and modish women? Considering we have Halloween right around the corner, I thought we could take a look at some spooky style mishaps. Oh the tragedy!


Good Girl:


Spooky Girl: 

I know, I’m freaked out too. What happened Taylor!?!?! First step to recovery, lose the eye make up.


Good Girl:


Spooky Girl:

Oh hey Gumby!

Say whhhat? Are those floating devices? I can handle your short hair Rihanna, but some of your fashion choices are not-so-sheek.


Good Girls:


Spooky Girls:

Taylor? Is that you on the left? Oh wait,that is just an Olson twin making the same fashion faux pas. When will they learn!!!

She wore an eye mask as a headband and a blanket for a dress, just in case she became sleepy.

Hey Ashley, Come to Denver! We have plenty of homeless shelters in the area!

For the most part, the Olson twins pull off some fashion DOs… but occasionally they leave me running in FEAR.




Do you know anyone who has gone to the SPOOKY side???




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