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It finally feels like fall and my enthusiasm for pumpkins, spices, and holiday decor has disappeared.

For two weeks random pumpkins and preserves have been sitting in my entryway and family room. I have no inspiration to make it pretty.

Today I sat in my living room just looking… hoping that eventually I would feel a spark of interest.

I walked away knowing a few things.


I am not loving my hurricanes with spools or my vase filled with pinecone spray.


I love preserves.


Don’t judge her barrel-body. It’s the holidays and she’s had too many sweets.

Piper is just as uninspired as I am.

So leaving fall decor behind, we are heading to Grandma’s house and possibly a thrift store.


  • November 13, 2010 - 9:09 pm

    Summa Ho - I want a dog more than i want to fit into size 27 jeans. seriously… its that bad.

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