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Kids Craft: Holiday Pizzelle Candy Cones

 This craft is great for those little ones because they enjoy anything that has to do with candy and sugar. Now, I’m not a mother just yet… but am I right or am I right? I’m right.





Purchase “specialty”cones at a local ice cream shop (you can also use a pizzelle maker to create them yourself if you want to spend the time). Use a wooden skewer to gently dig holes on the sides of the cone. Be careful not to crack your cone doing this! Dip the opened end into icing and sprinkle with colorful/sparkle sugar. Let dry before stringing your choice of Christmas thread through the holes. Fill each cone with holiday candy.

Hint: To keep the cone light enough to hold, fill the bottom of each cone with paper towel. Also, while filling the cone let it stand inside a cup to make the process easier.


What a fun way to spread sweet holiday cheer… literally!






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