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The Perfect “Martha” Gift…

 Need the perfect gift  for the “Martha” person in your life?



You know- the kind of person who can do everything, is especially adept at entertaining and loves unusual things. The kind of person that can single handedly do what it takes Ms. Stewart a large creative team of people to accomplish. {Holiday spoiler alert: Martha Stewart does not work alone in creating all that she does.} Well, you’ve come to the right blog because I’ve come up with some of my                         Dessert Serveware favorites  {Oh, the possibilities!}



Patience Brewster High Heeled Cookie Plate


Patience Brewster high heeled cookie plate



 Patience Brewster Domed Pedestal Cake Plate




Alan Lee Princess and Black Diamond Cake Stand with Dome


Sparkle dome cake pedestal



Alan Lee Decadent Collection Cake Stand with Dome


Alan Lee Decadent Collection Cake Stand with Dome





American Atelier Cake Plate with Dome


American Atelier domed cake plate





One Hundred 80 Degrees  Pedestal Cake Plate 


One hundred 80 degrees domed cake plate




 One Hundred 80 Degrees Pedestal Cookie Plate…

 One hundred 80 degrees cookie platter


 Now I’m in the party mood…again.


Allen Lee Collection|American Atelier|Horchow|Neiman Marcus|

  • January 8, 2012 - 9:24 pm

    Leah - Where can i purchase ur cake plates from

  • December 20, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    AnJanel Hughes - I would like to purchase the Patience Brewster Domed Pedestal Cake Plate and possibly the cookie plate. Where can I do so?

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