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If I Were Decorating

If I were to decorate my (nonexistent) daughters room today, I would definitely add some of the following elements.

Today I am loving florals and pops of very bright color.

Side note: Please excuse the messy mashup! I understand it makes it hard to appreciate the individual pieces.

Use Imagination Carefully.

1. Edie Velvet Chaise-Palm

2.Vases by Cynthia Vardhan Etsy Shop

3. Jamie Shelman Floral Print

4. Pipodoll Art

5.Pipodoll Art

6. Ruffled Laundry Bag

7. UO Pillow

8.UO Pillow

9. Bohemian Bouquet Blanket

10. Tuxedo Blanket

11. Jet Storage Bench- Orange Tweed

  • December 22, 2010 - 9:11 pm

    Theoneandonly - I LVOE THAT COUCH!

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