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Best of 2010: A Little Office Space Spice

A few weeks ago, our friend Megan left a comment on The Bella Life Facebook Page:

“Maybe you’ve already done this, but I’d love for you to do a post with cute ideas to spice up your office at work!”

Well, Megan, you’re in luck!  Since I recently started working from home, I too have been searching for some office inspirations.  Disclaimer: I don’t know how large your office is, what furniture you currently have or what your decorating style is but hopefully my thoughts will spark some ideas.


When considering office furniture, there are two things one must keep in mind.

  1. Functionality – Do you have places to store paperwork, business books, office supplies?
  2. Comfortability – Do you have chairs for guests?  Is your workstation set-up to be ergonomically correct?

I really love the simplicity of West Elm’s office furniture below.  The nest part is, their office furniture is reasonably priced.

West Elm Office Furniture


Nothing irks me more than working in a cluttered space.  As a result, I end up de-cluttering my office 2-3 times a day. So what if I organize as a form of procrastination? How it gets cluttery so fast is a mystery to me.  Eventually, I would love to get some office storage boxes.  Between these and a few filing cabinets, my workspace should remain clutter free.

office storage boxes for organization1. Apartment Therapy | 2. Container Store | 3. Container Store | 4. Sorting with Style


If you work late into the night, like me, then you must pay special attention to your lighting situation.  Remember: lamps are your friend (chandeliers may also be your friend – if you own your own office space).

Office lighting

1. West Elm | 2. West Elm | 3. Z Gallerie | 4. Manhattan Home Design

Artwork & Knick Knacks:

Some of my best inspiration happens when I’m staring at beautiful things.  Whether it’s framed letterpressed calendars (like the ones below from Seesaw Designs), fabric swatches, vases filled with flowers, old maps, raindrops or roses or whiskers on kittens, bright paper packages, warm woolen mittens {okay, so maybe that last part was a joke}. Find things that spark creativity or perhaps make you want to sit down and “work hard for your money”. Remember, all of your little knick knacks don’t need to match.  Non-matching is the new matching.  Does that make sense?

Here are things that inspire me.

office knick knacks and artwork

1. Martha Stewart | 2. Unknown | 3. Seesaw Designs (2011 Calendar) | 4. Amber Fischer | 5. Sable & Co.

Offices I Love:

Office Decor Ideas

via The Thinking Tank

decorating your office

Delight by Design

decorating your office

via Desire to Inspire

decorating your office

La Paracaidista

decorating your office


Dear Megan – I hope this post helped!  Let me know if you need anymore inspiration.  Happy decorating!


  • January 4, 2011 - 6:15 am

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    Thanks for a great post done here.

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