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Best of 2010: Fabulous Find

Some of the Bella Girls tried this and were converted…

Today’s “fab” find is brought to you by Olay. My most favorite skin care product line out there. Because it’s cheaper than anything you get from a dermatologist, yet acts like it belongs in their office and not in your local grocery store’s beauty aisle (although it is a bit more expensive than other grocery store skin care items). Did any of that make sense?– I’ll water it down… it’s just really really good. And it got 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The coolest part about it? It has a self-heating formula that relaxes the pores. You can actually feel it heating up, I love it! Not to mention, it has exfoliating glycolic acid + micro-crystal complex to really sand down that rough skin. Glycolic acid is found in chemical peels that dermatologists offer… so this Olay product is kind of like a mini-professional treatment. I hope it will lessen the appearance of my freckles and aging spots after a while of using it. And don’t tell me that I am not aging yet because I don’t want to hear it! I am preventing.

Plus, with a make-up bag like this one I am gonna need something good for my skin regimen. Talk about a breeding ground for bacteria. I am somewhat embarrassed to reveal this monster of a thing. Where can I find a good make-up bag?


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