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Best of 2010: Unfriended

Around the time I got married, I remember driving down the road in my car thinking –  “This is it. I’m getting married.  I don’t need to ‘pretend’ to be cool anymore to make people like me — cough — cough – dating – ugh – cough .  All that matters is my relationship with Dallan and my relationships with my family.” Since this moment  in history.  I have held true to this philosphy.

Until 2 weeks ago when, {Insert - Screeching Tires, Shattering Glass or a Waa Waa Waaaaa}

I was “Unfriended”.

“Unfriended?”, you ask.

Yes.  Facebook “Unfriended.” I know, it threw me off guard too.

I was doing my evening Facebook check-in (Okay, you caught me. One of my several evening Facebook check-ins.  I too am addicted to Facebook.) when I thought, “Hmmmm.  I haven’t seen _______ on here for awhile.  I wonder what ________ is up too.”  So, naturally I –

Facebook Stalked.

Bad idea.  You see, the moment I landed on ______’s page I was greeted with a big, fat

Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaat?!?  Did I just get Facebook dumped?  I thought things were going great between us.  Sure we never “liked” each other’s status updates, but I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your photo albums.  Please tell me, “It’s not you. It’s me.”

As the above thoughts swarmed through my head, something of magnificent proportion happened.  The corner of my eye caught _______’s Mutual Friends column and I saw {Queue Rescue 9-1-1 theme song}

That’s right.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  Said person is still dating my sisters.  Apparently, 3′s a crowd. (Shout out to Krystal – Hey Girl!)

Unfortunately, my encounter with Facebook “Unfriending” doesn’t end here.  No.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that 3 other people have unfriended me.  Some of these people were even friends with me in high school.

My world has been rocked.

FLASHBACK: About 5 years ago, I was seeing a counselor.  No, I’m not psycho.  I was going through a transition in my life. After, several counseling sessions he proclaimed.  “Your problem is that you are a ‘people pleaser’.  Stop caring so much about what others think and learn to say NO.”

PRESENT TIME:  As a diagnosed “people pleaser”; hopefully, you understand why these events have effected me.  Effected me so much that I am now blogging about them.

Which leads me too – Why Are People “Unfriending” Me?

Here’s what I’ve determined:

  1. They’ve read this blog and I’ve scared them away.
  2. It really is them, not me.

Any other thoughts?

Dare I “pretend” to be cool again?  All for the sake of a Facebook Friend?

Slightly Deflated,



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