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Best of 2010: One Man’s Trash Is Our Treasure {Chair Makeover}

For our friday night date, Dallan and I hit up a local thrift store {Drat! There goes our date night rut again.}.  Minutes upon our arrival, Dallan spotted a chair for his “Drum Room”.  Random thought: why is it that my mind is focused on getting the entire house decorated, while Dallan’s mind is only focused on his precious “Drum Room”?  Next to our guest room, it is one of the least utilized rooms in the house.

Back to my post – I saw that this chair had potential and the $10 price tag didn’t’ hurt either.  So, we took her home and gave her some love.

mid century modern thrift store chair

recovering a mid century modern thrift store chair

  1. Remove the back of the chair (so you can remove old fabric).
  2. Next, remove the old staples and fabric from the bottom of the chair.
  3. Measure and cut out new fabric.
  4. Wrap seat of chair with new fabric and stapled it to the bottom of seat.  (I know it’s not the most professional job, but it still looks good!)
  5. Reinstall back of the chair.

Voila!  For just $15, we have ourselves a brand new “Drum Room” chair.  Do you have any reupholstery tips and tricks?  Pray tell!


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