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Best of 2010: Fashion Friday {Let’s Get Crafty… AGAIN!}

This Fashion Friday we are going to get crafty again. I was inspired by my jewelry drawer that looks more like a big tangled web of chains and bangles. Oh, and a spoon. Don’t ask.

I love my attempt of organization with the small white box in the upper left corner and a small forever 21 bag. Pathetic Kier. Anyways, after shoveling through this catastrophe- and returning the spoon to the kitchen, of course- I found endless amounts of earrings without matches. Soooo I put on my crafty hat and made the following:

First up was this little guy. He had no partner. So I made the hook into a small loop to attach to a chain and this is what I came up with:

It took a matter of seconds to do and I instantly had a new charm. I know the chain is silver and the earring is gold- but don’t be afraid to mix metals because sometimes it can look good. Atleast I think so. Next up was this little charm I came across:

(The charm is the gold flower looking thing…I am sure you are all smart enough to figure that out) I took the charm and glued it onto one of those bobby pins and came up with this:

It dresses up a simple pony tail and even just your nasty ratty hair like mine on the bottom picture. WOo Hoo! Okay moving on, we have all of these things I found among the rubble:

Hmmm… what to do….what to do……

Yep, just glued all of the charms/earring pieces to a bangle to spice things up. It looks better in person- I feel like my iPhone doesn’t show off all of the sparkle and shine. I should start using a better camera.


Happy Recycling and Happy Friday.



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