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Best of 2010: My Organization Quest Continues

Yes-my organization quest is still going strong. I’m not sure at this point if it’s a blessing or a curse. Because whenever I open a drawer or a cabinet I find myself thinking:                      “Is there a way to organize this better?”

 It’s this thinking that made me face the fact that my jewelry drawer was in complete chaos {and I had jewelry  in 3 different areas in my closet}. So I set out to find a way to organize my jewelry so that I could a) see it all easily and b) keep it orderly.


I share with you my “fab finds” for jewelry organization-the Farmer’s Egg Crate from Anthropology.



Here’s how I’m using it for my jewelry…






Another “fab find” for jewelry are these small organza bags which I use for organizing my jewelry “sets”.



And then I found these ceramic serving trays at Home Goods by my house. They were the perfect length, width and depth so 3 of them fit superbly in my jewelry drawer.



 I organized by organza bagged jewelry by lining them up in the different dividers in the ceramic tray according to style and color. And now my jewelry sets look like this:



And I can now check this area off my list!

Happy Organizing…


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