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2011 Resolutions: Kiersten

I’m struggling today. For the past two hours I have been taking photos for my post, only to find out that I left an important cord in Denver. So, no pictures for you.

To make matters worse, I had a hard time finding pictures to correlate with my resolutions. Warning: some of them are a stretch… and the cord mishap put me in a foul mood. Not a great way to kick off my resolutions. It can only go uphill from here!!

Bear with me.

Top row– starting from the top left and moving right:

1. Smile more. A while back, I had a senior citizen hand me a golf ball and then walk away. I began to laugh and yelled to him, “hey, what is this for?” In his stubborn old man tone, he told me I needed to smile and that the golf ball would now be my constant reminder. I still have the golf ball AND I’m still working on that smiling.

2. Cook dinners. I cook occasionally, but we eat frozen goods more than we should (guilty!). It took a contaminated spaghetti dinner and a really sick husband for me to realize it wasn’t a good thing. Hence why it is now one of my resolutions. Well, that and I will feel more domesticated.

3. Read. I would like to gain a few more brain cells through literature.

Middle row– starting from the left and moving right:

4. Celebrate today and live in the moment.

5. Notice beauty and enjoy it. I would also like to have more flowers in my life. Someday (when we have a house) I will have a rose garden, and I will probably blog about it.  Get excited!

6. Be a better friend. The dog stands for “man’s best friend.” I hope you get it. If not, the picture is pretty darn cute.

Bottom row– starting from the left and moving right… again:

7. Work hard. This past year I was in a blue funk. I worked, but I can work harder. I’ll put acquiring new hobbies with this too.

8. Write letters.

9. Be daring and bold. Note the bold prints!!

Anyone else notice how detailed my first three resolutions are? The aroma of dinner caught my attention and I hurried things along. Sorry folks. Cheers to a new year!


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