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Add Some Pop to Your Wedding

Since we are celebrating popcorn day this week, I thought it would be fitting to share some popcorn wedding ideas. I know, I know… I never thought popcorn and wedding could be in the same sentence either! In fact, I swore popcorn would make a wedding look classless and tacky. Boy, was I wrong…

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Another idea I saw was a popcorn bar. Like so:

{Image via elizabethannedesigns}

And, if you are feeling really crazy, you could even throw some popcorn as the couple is leaving– instead of rice, bubbles, or sparklers.


  • January 20, 2011 - 7:23 pm

    Jan @TWOwomenANDaHOE - I absolutely adorn your site and love sharing it with my friends and clients!

  • January 20, 2011 - 8:46 pm

    kiersten - Jan, thank you very much! We love our readers, and especially those who comment. We hope to hear from you in the future :) And keep visiting us!

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