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Dearest Keighley Anne,

Today we had a blog meeting in Debs’s kitchen. We had to practically dodge the hormones that were bouncing off the walls. I think I saw Cami fighting one off with a rolling pin, while Debs was shoving one in the oven.

I just hid under the table.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that I saw you get hit by one in the eye. That hormone told me she feels really bad that she caused you to leave the meeting prematurely. She wanted me to pass on the word.

All the same, I would never want any other group of hormones in the whole world. I think ours are pretty cool.

Love, Your Kierboo.

P.S.- Have I told you how much fun I had painting the other night? How’s my abstract art doing anyways? You can just let Piper paw paint on it if she’d like.

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