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Tell A Fairytale Day

We do not know where Becfola came from. Nor do we know for certain where she went to. We do not even know her real name, for the name Becfola was given to her as a nickname. This only is certain, that she disappeared from the world we know of, and that she went to a realm where even conjecture may not follow her.

~The Wooing of Becfola

In the spirit of Tell A Fairy Tale Day on the 26th, some of our content this week is faerie-inspired. Have you noticed? Although Tell A Fairy Tale Day is more about your ‘Once Upon A Times’ and ‘Happily Ever Afters’, my thoughts can’t help but turn to rowan trees, changelings, and faerie courts. I blame my degree… this isn’t the first time I’ve turned my attention to the fay or fair folk. Are you tuning out yet? My ramblings seem to bore people. Want to know something even more nerdy then all my historical ramblings? The Becfola paragraph above comes from an Irish Fairy Tale book I have in my “library”.

Anyway, hopefully you take a moment in your week to tell a fairy tale, envision your own fairy tale (I hear positive thoughts are crazy powerful), or make a craft with your kiddies to celebrate this national holiday!  As for us here at FHR, hopefully we will be rejuvenated by any and all faerie inspired ideas.

I couldn’t resist posting some work by Chun Eun Sil, a Korean children’s book illustrator. A large portion of her art is inspired by German fairy tales and is ridiculously beautiful. Check out her website!

Its a total happy hour

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