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Shoo Flu Don’t Bother Me

Sickness has hit some of the FHR girls {ahem, Cammie and Kiersten}. While we feel sorry for our little sickies we also fear that our health may be compromised by allowing them anywhere near. That meant that the blog meeting and video session that was scheduled for today has been postponed. And any thoughts of getting together last night to watch the Academy Awards were quickly dismissed. 

So as they head into day #4- I thought that the best support I can give them from afar is to post these home remedies for the flu. {And if they need me to drop off any supplies on their front doorstep-I’d be happy to.}

Effective home remedies for cold and flu:

1. Mix one half a teaspoon of honey with one half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Take this mixture every 12 hours. Don’t like lemon, then mix your honey with lime.

2. For one entire week take a half pound of apples daily. {Doesn’t Kiersten already eat this much in apples daily already?}

3. Remove the skin from almonds by soaking them overnight. Take the soaked almonds and add a small amount of butter and sugar to make a paste. This works well for the relief of a dry cough.

4. Mix coconut milk about eight to ten tablespoons with one tablespoon of poppy seeds and pure honey. Take nightly prior to going to bed. {Psst- Girls, just be sure if you use this remedy that you don’t take it the night before a drug test.}

5. Mix a couple of drops of brandy with one teaspoon of honey. {I believe that Cammie may already have both of these in her cooking cupboard. Tsk. Tsk!}

6. Combine one cup of grape juice with one teaspoon of honey.

7. Mix 1 teaspoonful raw onion juice with 1 teaspoon of honey. Let it sit for 3 to 4 hours before drinking. {In my world you’d have to be really sick to resort to this one.}

8. Always hold a tissue in front of nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, to avoid spreading the germs into the air. {Could someone please tell the person who always ends up sitting behind me on the plane about this very important remedy? I always get the coughers.}

9 .Use disposable tissues only and flush away or take to garbage outside of the living quarters, to prevent spreading the virus. {Duh? Don’t most sick people use tissues?}

10.Wash hands frequently and use separate dishes and utensils. {I always break out the paper plates when someone gets sick. And the Clorox cleaner-but I don’t think it counts as a natural home remedy. Stops the spread of germs everytime.}

11. Air the sick room frequently-a cool room is better than a heated one, provided the patient is covered and kept warm in bed.

12. Gargle with liquid whey concentrate. {Guess I’ll be going to the health food store tomorrow.}

13. A five-minute hot mustard pack on the chest is recommended. This brings down fever, eliminates toxins and speeds healing. Apply once. If needed, repeat every other day for a week. {Hot mustard pack recipe to follow…}

14. Deep breathe in front of an open window, and employ dry brush massage. This has multiple benefits. Exhaling vigorously rids the body of waste gases and deep inhalation saturates the lungs with oxygen.

15. Promote sweating by taking hot baths, hot foot-baths and other heat therapies. Keep the feet warm at all times during sickness and as a preventive measure. Low body temperature decreases resistance to viruses and bacteria, while heat burns up and destroys the virus.

16. Eat your Mom’s famous Chicken and Dumpling soup. {Check you doorstep tomorrow night?}

Get better soon…

{FHR Readers, do you have any flu remedies that you swear by? If so, please share. We are desperate to get our girls better.}

Source: Home Remedy Network

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