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Make Your Own Holiday

March 26th is Make Your Own Holiday Day! Being that we love these non-holiday calendar “holidays”, we obviously could not let this event go without mention. So hopefully these next few days we’ll be able to each showcase the holidays we’ve dreamt up. I was honored with the 1st showcase and let me just state that this was no easy task! I actually advise you not to Make Your Own Holiday

Sure, imaging up my very own holiday sounded fun, but what I didn’t realize was how much time I would spend coming up with something that will NEVER HAPPEN!  I’ve spent hours creating a holiday in my head and all I have to show for it is a mediocre blog post and a crap-tastic “vision board”! I could not find any images that depicted what my mind had come up with… I spent way too much time coming up with a basis for why anyone (including me) would celebrate my holiday… I could not for the life of me NAME my holiday…. And after all that, I wish I could start over creating my holiday! I feel like I did in 2nd grade when I would look 2 desks down from me and notice a classmate doing a project/assignment way better or creative then me and I had to muster up all my willpower not to crumble up my own work and throw it in the trash. I’m having total holiday-envy and I don’t even know another person whose made up a fake holiday.

With that rant, ranted I urge you all to take part in TIMES PAST…. past…. past past

If I were to celebrate Times Past this year, I would pay tribute to some of my fondest memories from my childhood.

1.) Jelly Shoes.

2.) Picking “wild flowers” from my front yard and the dirt field next-door to make a bouquet.

3.)Sherbet Icecream

4.)A dress with a GIANT bow

5.)Outdoor dinners

6.)Ladybug necklace

Obviously that is pretty small list for someone paying tribute to their childhood however one must always remember that Times Past will roll around again in 365 days. You wouldn’t want to waste your entire childhood in one year… reenacting the Battle of Hastings or the Roaring 20′s could prove difficult. So for now it’s jelly shoes, sherbet, and ladybugs.

  • March 23, 2011 - 7:54 pm

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